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Depriving yourself of a summer vacation? Join the club

As summer nears, and travel plans become the subject of daily water cooler talk, it’s worth asking: Are you taking a long, much-needed break in the next few months?

If the answer is no, you're not alone. Nearly 25 percent of Americans can't afford to take a vacation this year, according to a new survey by CareerBuilder. Twelve percent of respondents who could afford to get away nonetheless plan to stay home.

The survey also found that 30 percent of Americans continue checking e-mail or tending to work projects while out of the office.

An Expedia survey released last year found that U.S. workers take an average of 14 vacation days out of 18. By comparison, French workers take 35 out of 37 days and Great Britain workers take 25 out of 28.

There may be hope for U.S. workers who are lucky enough to be employed by Intel, Morningstar and a handful of other companies singled out by CNNMoney for having great vacation policy perks.

Intel employees are given a two-month sabbatical every seven years. Morningstar doesn’t even track vacation time; instead, employees take as much time as needed.

Companies are unlikely to adopt such policies, particularly as they try to trim costs at every turn, but the vacation-deprived can still dream.

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