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Detained cruise ship MSC Opera sails again

The MSC Opera has lived up to its name: the cruise liner has seen a lot of high drama since getting stranded in the Baltic Sea on May 14.

First, a problem with the electrical panel caused an engine power outage, stranding the ship's 1,716 passengers without lighting, water and access to working toilets for nearly two days. (See Cruise ship loses power at sea.)

Some desperate passengers began shouting, "we want the captain, we want the captain." Mary Foster, a Canadian tourist traveling with her infant and husband, told msnbc.com she never heard the captain make an announcement during the two-day ordeal. (See 'Mutiny' on stranded MSC cruise ship)

The passengers were apparently calmed by free alcoholic beverages, but faced another challenge after arriving by tow at Nynamshamn, a port near Stockholm, Sweden: it took hours to disembark.

Once emptied of passengers, MSC Cruises docked the Opera for repairs and canceled its next scheduled sailing.

The story didn't end there, though. The ship was detained in Southampton, England on Wednesday by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which said, "Various defects were found which meant that the ship was not fully compliant with International maritime safety regulations." The agency did not list the defects.

The Opera finally left Southampton today on an 8-night cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, according to a statement from MSC Cruises. Julianne Carelli, a spokesperson for MSC Cruises, said the company doesn't have any further details about the "defects" or reason for delay.

A good Opera always needs a bit of mystery.

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Rebecca Ruiz is a senior editor at msnbc.com. You can follow her on Twitter at @rebecca_ruiz.