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Fictitious airline exec to Conan O'Brien: 'Screw it, we're rich!'

Ever wonder what an airline executive would say about the billions of dollars raked in from baggage, reservation and other fees? Conan O'Brien does.

Take a look at his interview with the fictitious Tony Kent, "Delta Air Lines executive vice president."

"Actually, Conan, even with those fees, Delta is just barely turning a profit," Kent said with a straight face. "With the rising cost of fuel this summer ... aw, screw it! We're rich!"

The video is funny, but fees are no laughing matter for paying passengers. According to data released earlier this week from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, airlines pulled in $5.7 billion from baggage and reservation fees in 2010.

Charlie Leocha, founder of the consumer advocacy group Consumer Travel Alliance, told msnbc.com that more fees are coming. "The airlines are now addicted to fees and will continue to make them more complex," he said.

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