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NTSB takes over investigation of plane collision in Boston

Investigators are looking into how a Delta 767 and a regional jet collided at Logan Airport on Thursday night. Nobody was hurt, but the damage to the planes was extensive. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

The National Transportaton Safety Board (NTSB) said Friday it is investigating a Thursday collision between a Boeing 767, operated by Delta Air Lines, and a smaller regional jet at Boston's Logan Airport.

Initially, the Federal Aviation Administration was conducting the investigation, but NTSB stepped in due to the extent of the damage. "We learned early on there was substantial damage to the regional jet," NTSB spokesperson Peter Knudson told msnbc.com.

NTSB defines "serious damage" as "damage or failure which adversely affects the structural strength, performance, or flight characteristics of the aircraft, and which would normally require major repair or replacement of the affected component."

The agency has obtained the black boxes from both planes.

Delta Flight 266, carrying 204 passengers, was taxiing for departure Thursday night when its left wing collided with the tail of Atlantic Southeast Flight 4904, carrying 74 passengers.

The 767 was able to taxi back to the terminal under its own power, said FAA spokesperson Jim Peters. Passengers on the smaller plane were bused back, and the aircraft was towed off the taxiway.

NTSB's Knudson said a preliminary report will be available within 10 business days, though an entire report will take much longer.

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