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It's a bird ... no, it's a bat! On a plane!

It wasn’t snakes this time, just a winged traveler that refused to take a seat.

Passengers on Atlanta-bound Delta flight 5121, operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, had to duck and cover when an unidentified creature started flying around the cabin about 15 minutes after take-off early Friday.

A video taken by a passenger and posted on CNN shows what looks to be a bat or a bird taking several passes over the heads of passengers. 

“The captain called the control tower to say the plane was returning to the airport to remove a winged animal,” said Brent McHenry, spokesperson for the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wis., where the flight originated.

In the video, the bat appears to end up in the lavatory, but McHenry said that by the time the plane landed and all passengers disembarked, the winged creature was nowhere to be found. As airport maintenance staff searched the plane, however, he said a bat flew out and into the terminal.

“Our terminal has high ceilings, and it’s not unusual to have a bird flying around inside,” said McHenry. “But the bat created a bit of entertainment for our early morning passengers as maintenance crew members with a large net ushered it outside.” He said the bat was unharmed “and is now living freely in the world.”

Bat on plane sparks rabies concerns

After a delay of a few hours, passengers were able to re-board the plane and continue their travel.

Jarek Beem, spokesperson for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, said the airline was “confident in the maintenance search and that the animal was no longer on the aircraft at the time of the next departure.”

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