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Woman gives birth on China Eastern Airlines flight

A China Eastern Airlines jet that left Chengdu in China’s Sichuan Province landed in Wuhan in China's Hubei province with an extra passenger.

Feng Yu, 23, gave birth to a baby girl during the flight, according to a report on ShanghaiDaily.com.

The woman was aided by flight attendants who had training — but no experience — in delivering babies.

“I was frightened when the baby’s head came out but the body was still stuck,” flight attendant Zuo Lei told the Shanghai Daily. “I asked myself to calm down and firmly held the woman’s hand and tried hard to recall what I learned in emergency training.”

The flight crew unsuccessfully attempted to find a medical expert among the passengers on the Boeing 737. Flight attendants then set up an in-flight delivery room after clearing out the last two rows of seats, Zuo said.

Medical workers took Feng and her baby, later named “Angel,” to a nearby hospital when the plane landed.

“Both the mother and baby are in good condition,” a doctor told the paper.

Yu isn't the first pregnant woman to give birth during a flight. In September, Aida Alamillo gave birth to baby boy on a Philippine Airlines flight from Manillla to San Francisco.

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