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Woman painting nails detained after flight

A passenger onboard a Southwest Airlines flight was detained by police after arguing with a flight attendant over nail polish, KTRK Channel 13 in Houston reports.
Jeanie Daniels reportedly was painting her fingernails Feb. 26 during a flight from Los Angeles to Houston, where her boyfriend lives, when a flight attendant asked her to stop because of the smell.
"I said, 'OK, I'm sorry, I apologize,' and I put it away," Daniels told the TV station. "Then about 20 minutes into the flight, I discovered I only had two nails left to paint and if I went to the bathroom and did it, it wouldn't offend anyone."
However, another flight attendant confronted her when she exited the restroom and they began arguing.
"She was getting so loud, while I was sitting in my seat, and I was just like, 'Will you stop!' And I was loud when I said, 'Stop bitching at me,' because she wouldn't end the conversation," Daniels said.
When Flight 1536 touched down, two Houston police officers were waiting for Daniels. 
"The customer in question was taken into custody upon arrival in Houston for behavior she displayed while onboard a flight," Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Christi McNeill told msnbc.com. "The airport police became involved because of the passenger's behavior and a verbal altercation with a Southwest Airlines crew member."
Daniels was released after more than 10 hours in jail, the TV station reported.
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