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Woman gags on maggots in in-flight snack

An Australian woman found a nasty surprise in her in-flight snack aboard a Qantas flight recently.

Victoria Cleven, 42, was munching on a package of trail mix from The Sydney Biscuit Company she had purchased on the flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne when she noticed something wasn't quite right.

"I started eating and thought this tastes quite strange, what am I actually eating?" Cleven told Melbourne's 7News.

"When I turned the light on and looked down I saw white stringy bits. Then I saw maggots crawling inside the pack."

Cleven posted a stomach-turning video of the incident Monday on YouTube. 


"I hope they investigate this and ensure this never happens again, rather than pointing the finger at someone else," Cleven wrote on her YouTube page.

" No one should experience this. It truly still makes me sick!"

A Qantas spokeswoman told msnbc.com that the airline has apologized to Cleven for the incident and contacted the supplier of the product to investigate how this issue could have occurred

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